SpinalAid Centers of Wausau and Eau Claire

Whether you're looking for relief from severe chronic pain, searching for ways to beat the aches and pains of day-to-day living, or seeking optimal health and peak performance, you've come to the right place.

I think you'll find we're a little different from other health care providers. It's not just our commitment to providing first-class health care through decompression treatments - though that's part of it. And it's not just our great rates that provide a fantastic value for our patients-though that's part of it, too. It's our whole philosophy.

Dr. Justin Scharer, D.C.

Dr. Scharer is highly skilled in Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression and treating very serious low back and neck conditions.

The SpinalAid Center of Wausau is part of a national group of Doctors, both Medical Doctors and Chiropractors, with the common goal of treating patients that have severe and chronic back conditions.

Dr. Scharer uses the new technology of Spinal Decompression to do this. He uses only FDA cleared decompression equipment. He has the experience of treating many patients with this procedure and has close to 400 local patient testimonials. Read more.

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